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Cabarrus County Animal Shelter

244 Betsy Carpenter Place Concord, NC 28025


Cabarrus County Animal Shelter loves our volunteers! Things we need help with on a daily basis:

  • Walking dogs
  • Dog enrichment
  • Cat enrichment
  • Administrative tasks
  • Laundry
  • Dish washing
  • Toy washing
  • Cleaning kennels
We know people love to come to the shelter to walk and play with the animals, which is a huge need in and of itself, but we also greatly appreciate those who are willing to volunteer their time to assist in cleaning tasks which are extremely important for the animals' well-being during their stay at the shelter. In these responsibilities, be aware you may also be around potentially hazardous chemicals during your time at the shelter, including bleach and/or Trifectant (disinfectant).

The animal shelter receives a high volume of animals regularly through owner surrenders or stray drop-offs. While we strive to place as many animals as possible through adoption and transfer to Rescue Partners, we are committed to placing healthy and behaviorally sound animals into the community. If animals are not suitable for placement due to severe medical or behavioral concerns, or we cannot find appropriate placement for animals, or if there is a lack of shelter space (we must be in compliance with NC Department of Agriculture regulations), we do humanely euthanize animals at this shelter. We understand this can be emotionally difficult for some people. The euthanasia is humane and private; volunteers are never asked to participate.
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If you would still like to volunteer with us, please continue with the questionnaire.
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Please answer all of the following questions honestly and provide as much detail as you can. Your answers will help our Cabarrus County Animal Care team place you with volunteer duties most suitable for you.

Do you have experience working at a vet office or the vet care of animals?

Have you ever worked at a rescue or shelter before?

Have you ever been bitten or attacked by an animal?

Are you comfortable approaching dogs you do not know?

Are you comfortable handling large or fearful dogs?

Are you comfortable approaching cats you do not know?

Are you comfortable handling fearful or hissing cats and kittens?

Days Available

Times Available

Some jobs have specific time frames that they need to be done in. For example, Kitten Feeding and Cage Cleaning is done in the afternoon any time between 3pm and 4:30 pm, depending on how busy the shelter is. If you are only interested in specific volunteer jobs, you may be asked come in at those specific times. However, if you would like to spend a full morning or afternoon shift with us, you would be responsible for multiple jobs during that time. Below is a list of some of jobs we have for volunteers.

Job Interest